Our fleet consists of standard curtain trailers, curtain trailers with tail lift, and frigo trailers. Our fleet is maintained regularly to ensure the highest safety, and it complies with the applicable requirements.

We regularly expand our fleet to assure that we can offer the best service. Currently we have a fleet consisting of 100 trucks and 160 trailers.

All of our curtain trailers are standard trailers (13.6 loading metres, 2.65 m loading height). Furthermore, the majority of our trailers are equipped with a tail lift.

Frigo trailers

Our fleet also includes a large number of frigo trailers with the following specifications:

Length: 13.35 m
Width: 2.49 m
Height: 2.65 m
Loading capacity: 22.5 t

The temperature can be set from -24 degrees to +25 degrees.