All of our drivers are educated in environmentally friendly and safe driving which results in fuel savings of more than 5 %. Lower fuel consumption reduces the CO2 emission and thereby considers the environment.


Our trucks are equipped with energy saving tyres which reduces the fuel consumption by 2 %, and thereby also benefits the environment.

Speed limitation

There is a built-in speed limitation of 85 km/h in all of our trucks. This permits a fuel saving of 3-5 %, which means less CO2 emitted.

Intermodal transport

A part of our transports between Scandinavia and Spain/Portugal is conducted via train. Besides the obvious advantage that the CO2 emission is reduced it also lowers the pressure on the busy European highways.

Latest technology

We make sure that our materiel is always of the latest technology, and we continuously maintain it. This assures an as low CO2 emission as possible.