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The Niels Pagh Logistics Team Spirit

At Niels Pagh Logistics, the structure of the company is flat, and there is a high degree of freedom. In order for our team to function optimally, we depend on all of the team members as well as their internal cooperation – no matter where in the production machinery they work.

We have great confidence in our employees, and at the same time our expectations to them are high. We call this freedom with responsibility.



Our team consists of involved and serious employees who are all dedicated to their work. This is reflected in the fact that we always do everything possible in order to solve a task in the best possible way.

Our employees put in 110 % effort in order to find the optimum solution for the client.


All of our employees have worked in the transport and logistics industry for many years. Thus, we have a thorough market knowledge, and we know how to realistically solve a task.

Our team possesses a large amount of expertise, and they are always ready with an answer to the clients’ questions.


At Niels Pagh Logistics the client is the most important aspect of our business. Our most important task is to solve all of the tasks we face – no matter if it is a small parcel to be delivered at a ship in Algeciras, or setting up a distribution network in Germany. No task is too big or too small for us. We do not see any problems, only challenges and the possibility of finding solutions.


Our clients depend on our performance, and therefore our most important task is to assure that the cargo is delivered at the promised time at the correct location in perfect condition. In order to fulfil this, we strive to be always on step ahead. Through our proactivity, our regularity, and our big network we can assure a punctual and stable performance in a dynamic industry.