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Niels Pagh Logistics originates from the haulier Niels Pagh Transport that was founded in 1960 by Niels Pagh. For more than 45 years, the company was the logistics partner of Løvens Kemiske Fabrik, and in 1980 the company started an export department with international groupage transports.

In 2000 Niels Pagh Transport’s management at the time decided to sell the export department. Michael Pagh and Flemming Jørgensen saw this as a perfect opportunity to start their own company by buying the export department, and so Niels Pagh Logistics was founded in the end of 2000.

The company has developed from being a small transport company with four employees and contracted trucks to being a big transport and logistics company with own trucks, trailers, and departments in six countries.


Niels Pagh Transport is founded by Niels Pagh.

Michael Pagh is employed at Niels Pagh Transport.

The management of Niels Pagh Transport decides to sell the export department. Michael Pagh and Flemming Jørgensen decide to buy the department and start Niels Pagh Logistics.

Niels Pagh Logistics grows and needs more capacity, and therefore they build their own warehouse and office at Industrivej Syd 5 in Vejen, Denmark.

Niels Pagh Logistics S.L. in Spain is founded in co-operation with Poul Jensen.

The traffic to North-West Spain as well as Portugal increases, and therefore the company opens a warehouse in Miranda del Ebro near Vitoria in Spain.

Niels Pagh Logistics has experienced a continuous growth since the start-up of the company and now consists of 60 trucks and 100 trailers. Apart from the drivers, the company occupies 35 employees in the departments in Denmark, Latvia, Germany, and Spain. 40-45 weekly round trips in Spain are carried out.

Niels Pagh Logistics’ fleet consists of 100 trucks, 160 trailers, and the company occupies more than 200 employees.

New – modern - warehouse established in Miranda, Spain.

Niels Pagh Transport is appointed logistics partner of Løvens Kemiske Fabrik.

Flemming Jørgensen is employed at Niels Pagh Transport.

Apart from Michael Pagh and Flemming Jørgensen, the company consists of an administrative worker and a warehouse worker. The company carries out 11-14 weekly round trips with contracted hauliers. This number quickly increases to 20-25 weekly round trips.

Niels Pagh Logistics GmbH in Flensborg is founded.

Niels Pagh Logistics acquires a part of the Latvian haulier SIA Cargo A2B.

Niels Pagh Logistics celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Niels Pagh Logistics becomes a private limited company (A/S).

Contino Holding buys the majority of shares, but the company continues to operate on the same terms.

Niels Pagh Logistics celebrates its 20-year anniversary.