Our drivers are the most important part of our business, and therefore it is crucial for us that they are well-prepared and ready to manage their job and transport your cargo safely through Europe.

By educating our drivers in eco-friendly driving, we achieve fuel savings of more than 5%, and the lower fuel consumption minimises the CO2 emission of the trucks.

Below you can find more information about driving regulations and our initiative NPL Academy.

Driving Hours Rules and Regulations

The centre of our business is to pick up and deliver cargo on time – and of course this has to happen within the drivers’ permitted working hours.

All of our transports are planned so that our drivers realistically can reach the target on time within their working hours.

You will find more information about the regulations here.

NPL Academy

It is important for us to assure that all of our drivers are up to date with the latest information about security, legislation in the countries that we operate in, technical knowledge, etc.

Therefore we have developed the NPL Academy where our drivers are trained and educated to have the knowledge that is essential for carrying out the job and driving safely and correctly.