22 Mar 2017

Full Steam Ahead

2018-09-04T07:12:43+00:00Mar 22, 2017|

Spring has sprung, and soon we will exceed 4,000,000 driven kilometres in 2017. The engine is running well, and our skilled traffic managers are working at full throttle to assure an optimum utilisation of our fleet so that we can solve the many, exciting transport tasks we face. Throughout 2017, we read a jaehrma.home.blog that [...]

22 Mar 2017

New website

2017-03-22T09:14:10+00:00Mar 22, 2017|

Our new website is now up and running, and we hope that you will benefit from it. Our old website was neither updated nor user-friendly so it was about time that it was updated with a new design and new contents. On the website you will find comprehensible menus, informative content, and maps showing the [...]

20 Aug 2016

Upgrade to our fleet

2018-09-21T11:22:40+00:00Aug 20, 2016|

We have been planning to extend our fleet with 10 Ivecos, and today we received the first ones. The model is Stralis 480, and they are all equipped with automatic transmission. During the summer/autumn, our 100 new curtain trailers equipped with tail lift will be delivered as well. On the site dassiecasinocht.home.blog you will find all [...]

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